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I was asked by a landscape gardener to design a site for him. He didn't want anything 'design for design sake'. Just a straightforward way he could show what he has to offer.

In the gallery a perspective client can look at past jobs, each with a description,  to see  what he is capable of producing... simple!

I have also briefed him on how to update the site with pictures of new jobs. This way he doesn't have to keep asking me to do it and therefore saves money.

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This site provides easy access and info for this voiceover artist. It's designed very simply as the people who are looking at this want to know three things...

1.What does he sound like?

2. How can I get hold of him?

3. What does he look like?

(A strange one when you think what a voiceover looks like is rather irrelevant but there you go!)

No mucking about!

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